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M&E in the PR Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT)

Before signing a Grant Agreement (only for new Principal Recipients (PRs) and PRs implementing new activities for which they have not been assessed), the Global Fund needs to ensure that the proposed implementation arrangements, systems and capacities of key grant implementers are adequate for effective financial and programmatic management of the grant funds with the aim of achieving maximum impact against the three diseases. The assessment of these systems and capacities is carried out in the following functional areas, using the Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT):

  • monitoring and evaluation
  • procurement and supply management
  • financial management and systems
  • governance and programme management (including Sub-recipient management)

The capacity assessment supports the process of establishing whether minimum standards for Principal Recipients are met, and of addressing any questions the Country Team may have in verifying the information presented by the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in the concept note on the PR’s compliance with minimum standards.

The M&E section requires the description of the following:

  1. National strategic plan and M&E coordination mechanisms
  2. National M&E unit capacity
  3. Health Management Information System (HMIS)
  4. Quality of services
  5. Surveys
  6. Administrative and financial data tracking mechanisms
  7. Civil registration and vital statistics system
  8. Data quality assurance mechanisms
  9. Programme reviews and evaluation
  10. Grant-related M&E issues
Practice Pointer

As 9 out of the 10 sections refer to national M&E systems, the PR needs to work closely with the ministry of health, HMIS department, and national disease programmes to complete the CAT. Please note that samples of completed CATs are available here.

Any information provided in the CAT is subject of Global Fund verification. The PR must therefore make every effort to provide complete and reliable information to facilitate timely grant-making.

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