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Grant Closure

Complete guidance for Global Fund grant closure, where UNDP is acting as Principal Recipient (PR), can be found in the grant closure section of this Manual. Reference should also be made to:

This section deals with the financial elements of Global Fund grant and UNDP project closure.

In summary, the grant closure process begins six months before the end of the implementation period, with the submission of a close-out plan and budget by the PR. The grant’s final funding decision is approved by the Global Fund at the same time as the close-out plan. Following the last disbursement, the grant is placed in Global Fund financial closure. Once all closure documentation has been submitted, the grant is placed in final administrative closure and is de-activated from all Global Fund systems.

Global Fund Grant Closure follows one of three cases:

  1. Closure due to consolidation;
  2. Closure due to a change in PR; or
  3. Closure due to “transition” from Global Fund financing (Global Fund funding is discontinued).

The Country Teams and the PR can discuss whether the grant merits a full or a differentiated approach to closure.

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