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UNDP Health PSM Roster

To strengthen its efforts to effectively support national stakeholders in health capacity development, the UNDP Global Fund Partnership and Health Services Team (GFPHST) has established a health procurement and supply chain (PSM) roster of available health PSM experts and specialized professionals such as engineers, architects, biologists to provide support to its programmes in the areas of health products procurement and health supply chain systems, quality assurance for health products and in the design and renovation of pharmaceutical infrastructures in public health systems, solarization to help support and systematically improve all aspects of the health supply chain.

GFPHST’s PSM roster of experts is integrated as a sub-category under the Health Roster within the GPN/ExpRes Roster. The Global Policy Network (GPN/ExpRes) deployment mechanism provides pre-selected and technically vetted consultants across 62 profiles and 166 sub-profiles to support the work of UNDP Country Offices/units. For more information, please see this section of the Manual.

Depending on the support needs of the requesting CO, the contracting modality of expertise sourced through the GPN ExpRes Roster can either be an Individual Contract (IC) / Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA) or a short-term International Services Agreement Holder (IPSA).

The Experts sourced from the ExpRes roster on PSA modality can only be contracted for up to 6 months (or 130 working days over 1 calendar year).

The ACP approval under which the GPN/ExpRes Roster operates, allows for the roster to be used for the recruitment of consultants with a contract value of maximum $100,000 on deliverable- based contracts only.

The GPN deployment team works in coordination with the GFPHST roster focal points for incoming requests related to any of the 14 categories mentioned below.

Upon request, the health PSM consultants on the roster are matched to terms of reference (TORs) submitted for a specific assignment. The qualified consultants can be contracted and deployed to provide specific technical advice and short-term assignments.

The health PSM roster comprises the following 14 functional technical categories of expertise:

  1. PSM quantification, forecasting, budgeting and planning experts for health products;
  2. Quality Assurance experts: 2.A: QA systems and 2.B: QA for Health Products;
  3. Health supply chain management systems experts;
  4. Health products related procurement process such as medical devices, diagnostics, X-ray, scanning, radiological equipment and supplies (consumables and medical equipment) experts;
  5. Logistics management information system (LMIS) experts; pharmaceutical supply chain traceability systems experts, GS1 Experts;
  6. Health products regulatory experts/ support to national regulatory systems experts;
  7. Medical laboratory (Rapid Diagnostic Tests, reagents, laboratory equipment) experts;
  8. Health infrastructure engineers (warehouse and health facilities construction or renovation);
  9. PSM capacity development and training experts;
  10. Distribution systems /Good distribution and storage practices experts;
  11. Sustainable health supply chain experts;
  12. Waste management experts;
  13. Market research for health procurement;
  14. Health procurement experts;

All Deployment Requests take place on the UNDP Deployments Platform’s Agent Portal.

If the assignment qualifies for GPN/ExpRes, you will receive a notification from the Roster Recruitment Officer (RRO) who will become the focal point for the deployment. The RRO is responsible for ensuring that the CO is provided with at least one available expert (ideally 2 or more) within 5 days of a request being received.

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