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The financial management process encompasses the financial and operational management of UNDP’s implementation of Global Fund programmes, and is structured as follows:

  1. Grant-making and signing
  2. Grant implementation
  3. Sub-recipient management
  4. Grant reporting
  5. Grant closure

This section is primarily intended to serve as a guide for UNDP Country Offices (COs) that are acting as Principal Recipient (PR) to Global Fund grants, but will also provide support to those COs with a significant role in programme implementation as part of their capacity-building services. Capacity-building implications will be specifically addressed where applicable.  This section also contains guidance for UNDP COs that are recipients of Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) funding. 

Financial management is not to be read in isolation. It is directly associated with other substantive areas of the Manual. Appropriate links to these sections, and to other UNDP and Global Fund documentation, are provided throughout. Global fund projects adhere to UNDP’s Financial Regulations and Rules and UNDP’s Internal Control Framework in all instances. In addition, the Global Fund Operational Policy Manual is an important reference tool.

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