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Budget approval

The funding request budget and the detailed budget prepared for the grant-making process should be uploaded to the Global Fund Grant Management Platform (Salesforce).

in the prescribed format by either:

  • entering the budget directly into the Grant Management Portal using the designed online budget template; or
  • downloading an offline version of the budget template, then uploading it for submission.

Under both functionalities, the summary budget is automatically produced by the application tool for all stages of the budgeting mechanism (e.g.funding request, grant-making, reprogramming). The summary budget reflects the costs of each intervention (modular approach) and cost grouping using standard budget classifications provided in the costing dimension (cost inputs/cost grouping).

To ensure efficient and timely review and approval, when submitting a budget for approval the Principal Recipient (PR) should include all unit cost assumptions and upload all relevant supporting documents in the tool. The estimated time for the review and approval of the detailed budget submitted by the PR is 30 to 90 days, depending on the stage of the process. Additional clarifications and/or budgets that do not comply with Global Fund principles could lead to additional delays in the approval process.

Once approved, the budget is captured in Global Fund systems as the official approved budget and used as the basis for financial reporting unless it is modified through the grant agreement after any material budget adjustments. This is also the “baseline budget” and all budget adjustments will be compared against this version for the establishment of materiality thresholds.

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