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Induction Workshop

Following the signing of the Sub-recipient (SR) agreement, it is good practice for the UNDP Country Office (CO) to organize an induction workshop for the SRs on the specifics of UNDP/Global Fund-financed programmes. The project management unit (PMU) sends an invitation letter to the SRs soliciting the participation of one staff member from monitoring and evaluation (M&E), finance and programme units at the workshop. The workshop’s objectives are to:

  • Share the context of the project implementation and the objectives of the project;
  • Explain the performance-based funding mechanism of Global Fund;
  • Train the SRs on reporting tools; and
  • Train the SRs on specific UNDP requirements.

After an introduction on the context of the project implementation, the agenda should include presentations about:

  • The performance-based funding mechanism;
  • The M&E system and data quality. In this section, in addition to other information, the PMU explains the verification process of the quarterly reports at SR office and data validation at site level;
  • Financial management system;
  • Capacity development activities and plan (if available); and
  • The requirements of stock management of drugs and lab products.

To emphasize the partnership of the project, in addition to the presentations it is suggested that the training includes an opening and when possible a short discussion session with UNDP CO leadership, the coordinator of the national programme (TB, HIV or malaria, depending of the workshop) and a leader from the Ministry of Health.

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