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Grant Confirmation: Face Sheet

The Grant Confirmation template sets forth a face sheet that requires Country Office (COs) to fill in information specific to their programme. The COs must, among other things, indicate the following:

  • Implementation period dates (cell #3.7): These are the dates on which programme activities during the relevant implementation period (e.g. grant extension) will formally commence and end. They should be in line with UNDP’s fiscal year, which runs from 1 January to 31 December. Should a different period be requested by the Global Fund, please consult the UNDP Office of Legal Services (OLS) and the UNDP Global Fund Partnership and Health Systems Team.
  • Grant funds (cell #3.6): This line indicates the maximum grant amount, the ceiling up to which UNDP can request disbursement during the current implementation period. This amount does not include any cash balance that may remain with UNDP from the previous implementation period or from another grant in the case of consolidation. This means that the grant budget may be for a higher amount than that indicated in the face sheet, as it may include the grant funds (i.e. the amount allocated for the current implementation period) and, for example, cash balance from the previous implementation. As a general principle, a footnote should be added to the summary budget indicating that a part of the budget is being funded by available in-country cash balances and stipulating the amount of cash balance.
  • Grant currency: For the purposes of UNDP reporting and its Quantum requirements, the US dollar is the preferred currency of the grant. However, UNDP can sign and receive the GF grants in EURO. The currency of the grant either in USD or EURO should be indicated in the face sheet. UNDP cannot receive the GF grants other than USD or EURO.

In addition to the face sheet, the Global Fund Partner online portal necessitates that two additional forms be filled out: the bank account information form and the contact information form. Further guidance on banking arrangements is available in the financial management section of the Manual.

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