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UNDP M&E Requirements

UNDP monitoring and reporting on results in ATLAS

 Following the endorsement of the grant by the Local Project Appraisal Committee (LPAC), key indicators, baselines and targets are selected from the performance framework and set up in ATLAS under the project. Depending on the reporting timeline for the indicator, the results are tracked systematically, either per semester or annually through the risk-based management (RBM) platform and ATLAS. 

UNDP–Global Fund data harmonization exercise

The UNDP–Global Fund data harmonization exercise is conducted on an annual basis to ensure accurate reporting of results by both institutions, as well as to identify patterns in problems of reporting in countries where UNDP acts as interim Principal Recipient. The Global Fund/Health Implementation Support Team, in consultation with Country Offices, collects results of core indicators (previously the top ten indicators) and compares them to what the Global Fund is reporting for the same period. The harmonization exercise allows UNDP to emerge with a clear snapshot of its contribution in fighting the three diseases. By showing performance, results and impact, UNDP is able to demonstrate value for money and secure financial resources required for countries. 

Results-Oriented Annual Report (ROAR)

Annually, UNDP undergoes a mandatory corporate process of reporting results through the Results-Oriented Annual Report (ROAR). The information contained in the report is based on the data entered in the RBM platform and ATLAS during the year.  Further guidance on the ROAR can be found in the reporting section of the Manual and in the UNDP POPP

Integrated Results and Reporting Framework (IRRF)

 As part of its integrated results and resources framework (IRRF) reporting, UNDP has developed an annual report card for development performance that provides an overview of development results. The report card assesses progress against two markers: expenditure to budget ratio (the percentage of money spent in a given year against the planned budget) and output performance (results achieved in a given year as a percentage of that year’s milestones). Further guidance on IRRF reporting can be found in the reporting section of the Manual and in the UNDP POPP.

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